The worse thing about being naked….

I made the mistake of getting water in my ears today, while in the shower. BIG MISTAKE! Stupidly, I know better and should have remembered to block my ears with cotton wool before showering. I forgot!

Ear pain is right up there with toothache! Any doubts that I had about whether I had really perforated my ear drum are now long gone.

So, as it’s rather difficult to think and type and also keep a heating pad on my ears I’m simply going to link to a couple of poems by Neil Holborn’s today.

Neil Holborn is a poetry slam winner. He has a Facebook page and a website and contributes to the Button Poetry steam on YouTube. He has recently published a book of his poetry. It’s available on Amazon too in both print and Kindle editions.

I love his poetry as it resonates deeply with me. His presentation of his work is outstanding and, unlike many such performers, he makes the effort to fully caption his work and the video’s focus on his face making it much easier for those of us who speech read.

Anyway, here are two of my favourites:

The Future


I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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