Why does my dog love the snow but hate the rain?

When Kai first came home there was snow on the ground. I didn’t think much about it until the snow started to melt. At which point it became obvious that Kai wasn’t a big fan of grass, or any other surface aside from snow.

For weeks he’d search my back yard for the tiniest patch of remaining snow to go pee. It was funny but also quite a concern. Especially as he’d had a urine infection previously most likely from refusing to pee anywhere but at home.

With quite a lot of training he got over his dislike of other surfaces and will now pee on every surface that we’ve come across. He does still prefer to pee at home but I was so glad when he finally got over his need for snow as well!

However, what I really don’t understand is that he hates the rain! If it’s raining, he will put off going out as much as he can, unless I take him out and stand with him.

Yet now that the snow is back he’s asking to go out frequently, just to play! He loves the snow!

He comes back in far wetter than he ever does in the rain. His nose and feet are cold and he delights on warming them up on me!

I’ve never known a dog to love snow so much. Molly doesn’t care either way. She’ll go out whatever the weather, and play regardless as long as she has the energy that day. She’s slowing down with age and finds Kai a little rambunctious at times. He really can be the pesky younger brother when he wants to be!

It will be interesting to see how they handle their Christmas present. In an attempt to keep up their exercise, even on my bad days, I have invested in an automatic dog ball thrower. It has settings, and different balls, for both inside and outside. I’m sure that they’ll pick up the idea of dropping the ball back in the thrower pretty quickly. What will be more interesting is whether they compete to fetch the ball or take it in turns.

Christmas Day will certainly be entertaining that’s for sure!

One thought on “Why does my dog love the snow but hate the rain?”

  1. My dog didnt come to me during the snow, but she hates the rain. In fact she hates water all together. If there is a puddle in her path she stops as if she has breaks and will walk around the puddle. She hates anything that has to do with water, but loves the snow. During rain she will hold it all day until she cant hold it anylonger. She will go to the bathroom so fast, which is unusual for her. She takes forever and she runs back in so fast, also unusual. During snow she cant wait to go out and wants to stay outside. Not understanding this because snow is wet also. Im very confused and insearch of an answer so i can better understand her. She is a female puggle.

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