The first cut of the year….

Kai 17th May 2017

Yesterday my garden go its first cut of the year. That to me is the first step towards summer. When the snow has been gone long enough that the grass is long enough to need cutting.

I’m fortunate in that a teenage neighbour cuts my grass for me, as needed, each summer. He earns some money and I don’t have to manage the equipment which in the past, has been known to shred my hands as I didn’t feel how badly the vibration was blistering my palms.

The only time I’ve enjoyed cutting the grass was the year I lived on a small-holding and we have a ride-on lawn mower. Then I was quite happy to cut the grass!!

Maybe that’s what I’ll invest in when my teenage neighbour grows up and leaves home; a little ride-on mower so that I can do my own grass.

Anyway, Kai and Molly loved the cut grass and brought lots in on their paws for me to see for myself!!

The theory is that by not raking and bagging the cut grass mulches back into the ground and helps the bald patches cover back over with grass once more. I’ll just have to see if it works!

At least we got this cut in between the thunderstorms!!

What’s the first thing that signals the beginning of summer for you?

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