Spring = dog poop season!

It’s that time of year when I regret not going out in -10 with my dogs to pick up their poop as it appears in vast quantities as the snow melts. Every spring I promise myself that this year I’ll pick it up all winter and every spring I regret not keeping that promise.

Two dogs equal a lot of poop!

Especially as one likes to share her treasures with as much of the garden as possible by walking around as she poops. The other is easier to deal with. His treasures tend to all be exactly where you’d walk as you step outside the door on the deck so much of his has been cleared up already as I don’t have to stand in ankle-deep bog to find it!

I wonder if there is a yard cleaning service that does a spring poop clean-up?? If not, there’s a great business for some young entrepreneur. I’ll admit – I’d pay a lot to not have this job to do!

PS I apologise for the poor grammar in the cartoon…. šŸ™


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