I feel as so I’ve run a marathon… and for me I have!

So today was my first day of lung rehabilitation. A great deal of work went into making it as safe as possible for me to attend this rehabilitation program. I am very thankful for all involved who not only helped assuage my fears, by doing so, but also validated me at the same time.

So today’s post will be short as I feel as so I’m recovering from running a marathon!

In reality I did nothing more than stretching exercises to warm up and cool down, and two five-minute very slow walks around an indoor track spaced out by a good five minutes rest in between. This all took me an hour! Now I was being monitored before, during and after to check on my heart and lungs. So that took a little time. However, it was hard to think that a year ago I was walking around the track in the local hockey arena for an hour at a time, without stopping and with chatting with a friend at the same time.

However, the good news is that my heart and lungs are recovering OK. I had a few issues with the seasonal allergies (very sore itchy eyes) that I’m currently suffering from on top of my ‘normal’ allergic reactions and one spot on the track where I had just the starts of a cough which is the beginning of an asthmatic response for me. We think there was either a little more airborne latex just there, in the forms of big posters, or a recent clean-up might have taken place. Regardless if I kept as much distance from the ‘spot’ as possible I could get past the area without getting worse.

So it’s all down to reconditioning my body again now.

I’m not likely to be able to run a marathon at the end of the 10 week program but I should be able to walk for much of the 90 minute session without getting out of breath every few minutes (allergies excepted). That in turn will improve my stamina, and general well-being. If I can lose a few pounds of steroid ‘belly’ too that would be fantastic! However, given that I was as hungry as a horse when I got home…. I’m not counting on that one!

Kai (my service dog) was exhausted too. While I’ve kept him physically fit on his doggy treadmill while I’ve been ill and he plays will Molly in the yard frequently it’s not the same as actually walking and, of course, he was working too. The poor dog was so tired that when we got in the car to come home, he climbed over into the back seat and curled up instead of sitting up on the front seat to be harnessed in. I decided that if he was that tired I’d just have to rely on my eyes to work out where sirens where coming from if needed, and as I was only a few minutes from home anyway, I just harnessed him in to rest. Poor dog! Apparently exercising with me is hard work!! Just think how fit we’ll both be in 10 weeks time – relatively!!

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