Lung rehabilitation – Already making a difference!!

I started lung rehab. on the 9th of March and just 9 days later I can already feel improvement!

This morning, I got up early for my roughly monthly adventure to get groceries. To keep my allergen exposure risk low I go to a very large store, just as it opens at 7am. The store has had the night with the air running cleaning out scents and cleaning smells and there’s hardly anybody there.

For the last few months this trip has taken me forever. I’ve not been able to walk for more than a minute or two without getting out of breath, even with a trolley/cart to lean on.

Today, I realised part way through that I was only stopping when I needed to stop to actually pick something up and place it in my cart. I actually walked for almost 30 minutes without thinking about it. Now this was really slowly still and with support but I did it!!

Not only that but when I got home, I was able to bring the shopping it with a bag in each hand not having to stage it at the top of the three stairs from the garage a bag at a time.

Baby steps…. but big ones towards getting back towards a less restricted life.

Unfortunately I was still broken out in a skin reaction from top to toe which is taking a while to subside but in comparison to not being able to breathe – I’ll take the itchiness anytime!!

So if I can do this after just 3 sessions, I wonder how much more like myself I’ll be after the full 20? I’m looking forward to finding out.

To add to my pleasure a care package just arrived from my friends in Alberta yesterday. They included a set of walking poles. So once I’m feeling up to getting outside I’ll have my own version of a cart/trolley to use for walking. Now I just need to google how to set them for the right height and teach Kai to heel with me when I’m using the poles. He wasn’t a fan of the crutches but got it after a few attempts so I’m sure he’ll be fine. It must be quite odd having something on each side of him like that moving around.

Anyway, my hats off to the lung rehab. program. A little progress there is resulting in good results in my life too. I’m starting to feel that I just might get a life back again soon !!

Next step…. more rehab… then disability accommodation requests for anaphylaxis and environmental sensitivities at work so that I can actually get back to work on campus. Hopefully we can come up with something that’s feasible and not considered an undue hardship. Fingers crossed! There’s a few weeks to come before that bridge gets crossed though.

In the meantime, I’m going to be good and go do my stretches and Wii walking that’s my homework from the lung rehab. program! Who knows how much more improvement I can make?

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