Left brain vs right brain

A very good friend recently sent me a gift package to help cheer me up in my isolation. Having heard me complain about getting pretty bored with Netflix she very kindly, and thoughtfully, took the time to send me something that I could do, in my current situation.

A book, workbook, and set of pencils entitled “Drawing on the right side of the brain“. There is a website that accompanies the materials as well.

It is commonly understood that the left side of our brain is concentrated on analytical skills. Being rational, objective, symbols, maths and order.

The right side is concerned with instinctive skills such as art, emotion, imagination, memory, creativity and music.

There are a number of tests that you can do to help identify which side of your brain dominates your thinking. Invariably when I take these tests I tend slightly towards the left brain, the analyst but I’m almost even. Most recently my results were as follows:

Left brain 56% : 44% Right brain

The first exercise in the workbook was to draw a self-portrait. This had to be done before any instruction. It’s to help the ‘artist’ see how they improve.

Personally, I sure hope that the subject (me) looks a whole lot better by the time I get to repeat the exercise too.

Anyway, for those that are interested in my progress, I plan to post my attempts once in a while. So here is my first attempt at drawing anything since I was 17!

IMG_8842The photograph that I was working from for the self-portrait (3rd Sep 2016)


Exercise One – Self-portrait (Pre-instruction) 3rd Sep 2016

I can really only improve from here!!

While I might be almost evenly right/left brained it certainly doesn’t look like drawing is a strong skill of mine right now!

I’m looking forward to seeing how a self-instruction course helps me improve, or not!

Regardless, learning to draw makes a very welcome change to Netflix!

Oh and for those who aren’t aware; I don’t usually look quite so much like an alien as I do right now.

I’ve been off work for several months with extreme breathing problems and I’m currently very bloated and swollen from steroids and inactivity.

So to serve my own vanity I’m going to post a picture of me before this illness really took over my life too!

Kai (my service dog) and me (Early June 2016)

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