Just give me a break….

So life is just so farcical that I couldn’t resist commenting on the adventures of the last day.

Over the years I have spent many hours, over many visits to Emergency Rooms. Last night has to take the award for the longest visit ever before being seen.

I had two issues that were causing me concern. The first is that I had an allergic reaction that I couldn’t get under control. It wasn’t quite anaphylaxis but I’d exhausted all my medications aside from an Epi Pen and wasn’t getting better.

I was flushed bright red, covered top to toe in red patachie (rash) and extremely itchy. I was also short of breath and my lips and tongue were tingling.

Secondly, my knee had been bothering me for about a day after giving way under me the day before. It was incredible painful and very oddly swollen so given my OI it was time to head in and get it checked out.

That was at just after 7:30pm. To cut a long story short Emerg was absolutely heaving. I was finally seen by a doctor at 3:45am! I didn’t get home until 6am.

In the meantime my allergic reaction had calmed down despite several exacerbations triggered by scents and perfumes in the waiting area. This was despite my being sat well away from everybody else. So with the addition of the nurse having the doctor authorise benadryl to make up for the night meds that I’d missed at home it had finally calmed down to my normal rash & flushing from just being around people and their scents and perfumes.

My poor knee was still very painful and swollen. Initially the doctor thought it was just a sprain but given his examination of my knee and my medical history we had x-rays taken. They weren’t conclusive so I’m being referred for an MRI and Orthpaedic consult within the week. In the meantime, I’m in a thigh-ankle splint to immobilise my knee and crutches.

I love these splints. Last time I had this type of injury I was in a plaster cast which was much heavier, and harder to swing around.

So while I wait to find out if I have a bone chip and / or damaged ligaments I’m even more restricted than I was before.

The irony of course is that I kept asking to ‘just get a break‘…. You really should be careful what you ask for. For I got a very literal answer!

Much as waiting so long in Emergency wasn’t something that I’d like to repeat I’d like to thank all the staff concerned for remaining professional and courteous throughout. Everybody ignored Kai as needed (aside from the X-Ray technician who was given permission to pet him and take him from the room while they did my x-rays). He was a superstar once more despite getting his own shots earlier that day!

So in contrast to some of my earlier experiences in Emerg. during this health journey I have to say that despite terrible circumstances all staff were professional, courteous and compassionate.

Thank you.


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