Items for my Bucket List #5-8

It’s been just over a week since I last posted about my new bucket list. At that time I had the first four items identified:

  1. Coffee with a friend in our local Starbucks
  2. To be a bridesmaid
  3. To visit New Zealand
  4. To live on the ocean

In the past week, I’ve definitely added owning a Class B motorhome, ideally a new Roadtrek, or failing that an older one. Have a look at yesterday’s post for more about this specific wish.

As a little girl, in love with the Anne of Green Gables stories, I always wanted my hair to grow long enough to reach my waist. It was certainly red enough in my childhood though it has toned down now to a strawberry blond that surprises people when they see how red it actually still is in photographs.

However, like many women its length has come and gone over the years. Often in connection with relationship breakups. Right now it hasn’t been cut significantly since 2008 but seems to have stagnated part-way down my back. If I didn’t have such a long neck and torso it would be waist length but it has many inches to go to reach my waist still.

Over the years I’ve tried different shampoos and supplements. However, as hair is made from collagen and Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a collagen deficiency the chances are that it will never be as long as I’d like. It’s certainly extremely fine and amuses my students often when they see me braid it and realise that all of my hair braided results in a braid thinner than when the majority of them just braid their bangs! Regardless, I’m going to add having waist length hair on my bucket list!

Oh, I have tried extensions twice! The type that needed to be fitted by a hairdresser which took hours, and were cut out 2 days later as I couldn’t stand the feel of the joints. I do still have clip in ones which I use on occasion but to look right I have to completely straighten my own hair which takes more time than I usually bother with.

The next item on my list is to be able to make a trip to Frankenmuth, MI, USA again. I spent the day there back in March, as a birthday outing with a good friend. We had a wonderful day and she got to experience Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland for the first time. Bronner’s is an enormous Christmas store which sells every kind of ornament imaginable. Thankfully, they have an online store so I’ll be able to buy this year’s special ornaments anyway but visiting in person again is definitely on my list!

My last item for today is to be able to reschedule my planned birthday vacation. Some of you may recall that back in June I had to reschedule the trip I had planned for my birthday. At that time I thought delaying it three months to the week of Canadian Thanksgiving which is also a Fall Reading week at my University this year, would be ample of time to recover my health. It isn’t.

So I’m now in the process of trying, once again, to contact the airline and the organisations concerned by email and online chat (as they haven’t changed their requirement for such discussions to be by telephone only as yet) to either cancel or ‘suspend’ my bookings indefinitely.

Hopefully, we’ll get this sorted pretty quickly and I’ll be healthy enough to re-book sooner, rather than later.

Anyway, health aside… here are the first 8 items on my bucket list now:

  1. Coffee with a friend in our local Starbucks
  2. To be a bridesmaid
  3. To visit New Zealand
  4. To live on the ocean
  5. To own a Class B motorhome (Roadtrek ideally)
  6. Waist length hair
  7. Day-trip to Frankenmuth & Bronners
  8. Reschedule & enjoy my belated 45th birthday vacation

So what’s on your bucket list?

One thought on “Items for my Bucket List #5-8”

  1. that is a great list! Mine too keeps growing I would love to sit on the beach in Australia and sips drinks talking the night away with someone (it doesn’t matter who as long as they want to talk about other worlds, aliens, and conspiracies) and just watch the milkyway stars, sky diving, travel to Japan, China, both coasts of Canada, to be a ninja, fly a plane, learn to swim and love life living in the moment!

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