I’m running out of spoons dealing with my allergies…

I am so tired of dealing with allergies. Since early last summer when I developed Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS) following a massive anaphylaxis in May my body has decided to be randomly allergic to what feels like the entire world.

In reality I’ve become hypersensitive to my known allergens and reactive to scents generally.

Today I had to get blood work done and as I hadn’t had enough notice to get an appointment first thing I had to attend the clinic just after lunch time.

As a result, I’ve spent the rest of the day dealing with a mild allergic reaction.

I’m running out of spoons.

Now when I say a mild reaction I mean that I only want to claw my skin off and tear my eyes out; as opposed to curling up and dying. This is thanks to more prescription medications than I think some pharmacies carry. I am maxed out on all prescribed asthma medication, allergic asthma medication and anti-histamines.

Thankfully, as a result of this, I seem to be able to keep an anaphylaxis reaction at bay as long as I continue to avoid citrus and latex. Though citrus cleaners and perfumes continue to be the bane of my life!

I have two options left. The first is to keep waiting it out. RADS has been known to go into ‘remission’ after 2-5 years so it is possible that it could just improve. The second is that my doctors are making a case to try a desensitizing injection as an experiment to see if it can help. I’m waiting on their making a case to my health insurance provider to see if they’ll agree to cover the cost of such an experiment.

In the meantime I’m quite sure that healthcare professionals are just as frustrated as I am every time that I am asked for my allergy list. It’s more extensive than most medical record systems support and unfortunately none of it conforms to the standard top eight allergies; although I am also intolerant to milk and wheat.

Anyway, I was reminded today that at least I can breathe! Given that I spent May-November 2016 unable to breathe easily every single day this really is a good thing.So rather than focusing on my allergies I’m going to try and concentrate on the fact that I am now able to breathe more easily and that while I’m having frequent asthma attacks I have just gone for a complete month without an anaphylaxis reaction for the first time since last May!! That’s cause for celebration!

I might actually have to dispose of Epi pens because they’ve expired rather than because I’ve used them!!

So while I’m currently running out of spoons dealing with my allergies, at least I have enough spoons to just about get through each day unlike the situation I was in just a few months ago. I’m also feeling bored at home which is a sign that I am feeling much better in the safety and sanctity of my own home. Thankfully, it looks like I’ll be able to recommence work soon, part-time and from home admittedly but it will be nice to not be officially ‘sick’ anymore, just disabled.



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