I think my dogs are trying to give me a heart attack!

I moved to this home just before Christmas in 2015. Like most new homes, I had no plans for the garden beyond making it safe for the dogs by fully fencing it immediately as I like to watch for a year and see what’s there. However, there are a number of bushes and trees that don’t look so good and will probably need to come out this year. Last summer, being so sick, I didn’t really do much at all beyond trim a few bushes and climbing plants and sit out on a very rare occasion.

However, over the winter my dogs have decided to help with the pruning and have been breaking off the trees and shrubs that aren’t doing so well. I wasn’t specifically worried about until today. I kept an eye on what they had and took everything away that was at all dangerous for them.

Today I nearly had a heart attack, let alone a severe allergic reaction.

I’d forgotten that I had a rhubarb bush. As I’m allergic to all fruits my neighbours kindly cut it all and took it away last year when it was in season. I’m quite sure they enjoyed a number of pies as a result. However, I’d forgotten that the plant itself hadn’t been dug up.

Today I was reminded. Kai was outside playing with what I thought was a stick; just like he has many other times. The difference though was that he really liked this one. So much so, that he brought it in with him. As I reached to take it from him I caught the smell and threw up.

He’d got a rhubarb root. Now I’ve got to get a piece of rhubarb from a dog that loves it without being sick again, and without touching it. Oven gloves (that are now in the wash) and a sealed trash bag later, several minutes clearing up and then the thought crosses my mind ‘rhubarb leaves are poisonous to dogs’. Oh *****! Are the roots?

Thankfully Dr. Google comes to the rescue and I soon find out that the roots/stalks are not toxic for dogs. They might make Kai have a touch of diarrhea but they don’t contain the amount of crystals that the leaves do.

So nausea over, allergic reaction under control and heart attack averted! All is well except I have a lot less spoons to get through the rest of the day.

However, it did remind me that as soon as the snow is clear I must make sure to have the rest of that rhubarb dug up and gifted to my neighbour – if it’s of any use to them after the dogs have enjoyed it so much, that is!

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