I spoke a little too soon…..

While lung rehabilitation is certainly helping I was a little too optimistic two days ago on just how well I was doing. While I was able to shop much more effectively the downside was the amount of recovery time needed. I napped Saturday afternoon and thought that that would be enough to help me recover. In fact I played several games of scrabble with a friend that evening as I thought I was doing so well.

Then Sunday hit! I ran out of spoons!

It was like moving through treacle all day. I was exhausted. I’d obviously done too much too soon. So this week I need to step back a bit and remember that after 10 months of doing nothing, rehab two days a week and working one day a week is a BIG change and takes a lot of spoons. I need to make these my priority so that I can increase to working two days a week in three weeks time, as planned.

Lesson learned. Slow down and enjoy the recovery time. It took a long time to get this out of shape, it’s not going to get better overnight but I do seem to have turned the corner physically.

Now if only my respiratory system would decide to stop being so hypersensitive and allergic things really would be looking up!

However, I have been spending time researching options that might help me out there so more to follow soon as I get more information on whether the concepts will work for me or not.

In the mean time, as it’s the first day of Spring today, my lesson is to slow down and not try to recover all at once! Stop and smell the flowers as we start to see them appear as the snow hopefully melts for the last time !

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