Hiatus is over…. I’m back again…

I apologise for the long gap between posts this month. I ended up taking a three week hiatus while I was hospitalised. I’m now home and doing well.

The time in hospital allowed my doctors to adjust my medications and helped me accept both the limitations of my allergies and RADS, as well as to be less negative about the possibilities for disability accommodation. While I had many asthma attacks and was constantly having allergic skin reactions it was the longest that I have been away from home without having anaphylaxis in many months.

My heartfelt thanks to all the staff and patients who made that possible by accommodating my allergies and environmental sensitivities (RADS).

Also, my thanks to my friend who took care of Molly for me. As you can see, she had a great time usurping her dogs from their beds.

Kai was with me in the hospital so I don’t have any pictures of him during the last few weeks. However, he was a superstar!! He dealt with the overwhelming volumes of people and huge variety of noises and just kept on working day in and day out. It was hard to get him some real down-time while I was there so he’s relaxing at home now. Well deserved!

In this picture he and Molly are back in their favourite spots. Kai is curled up on my feet and Molly is next to him and all three of us are sharing my couch!

It’s good to be home!

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