Learning to listen to your gut instincts is the first step…

Learning to listen to your gut instincts is the first step, acting on them is the second.

I’ve got great intuition. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons I’ve spent most of my life ignoring it in terms of personal relationships. Now that I’ve been single again and finally able to get out a little bit now and then it seems like it’s time to put just my little toe in the dating pool again.

However, given my health restrictions that really means that online dating is the only way that I can test the water.

Now online dating is a form of entertainment! It has to be seen that way or else it would be too depressing.

Men seem to come in three categories:

  1. They really just want to hook-up for sex, but want to pretend otherwise for some reason… yet the first question they ask is sex related.
  2. They are in their 40/50s and never had a serious relationship – there’s a reason for that!
  3. They’re divorced, or separated, and want to start the second family and ‘get it right this time”

Trying to find the man who has baggage, but knows it and is working on it; is not only about sex and actually is interested in a conversation and is also attractive to me and not lying about something as simple as their height is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

So once in a while, you come across the ‘nice guy’ and that’s when that gut instinct kicks in. So I’m learning to listen out for my warning bells and red flags and then think through what to do about them.

Am I over-reacting due to past experiences? Is it a real warning that I should listen to and run? Am I over thinking it all? Probably….

The best advice I’ve been given recently though is to just relax and see what evolves….  Not something I’m good at. I’m a serial monogamist. Three long-term relationships in my life and I married two of them and lived with the third. Dating is pretty new to me…. So as the saying goes… let’s see what the water’s like!

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