First short story published as an e-book on Amazon

So my foray into freelance journalism didn’t last long. I was hospitalised for a few weeks shortly after my last published article and in the chaos of that combined with starting back at work full-time soon after I simply forgot to keep writing articles. However, I’m hoping that Soo Today will forgive my transgressions and start publishing my articles again once I provide them.

In the interim though I have achieved another milestone. My first short story “Hannah’s Heart” has just been published on Amazon as an e-book. You can find it here.

I doubt that it will make me rich but it’s nice to see something other than my text books on my author’s page.

I’ve also finished the draft of my first book. It’s currently out for review with publishers. However, I may just publish it myself on Amazon as it is relatively easy to do so in both e-Book and paperback formats. So watch this space….

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