Exclusivity leads to violence…

Addendum to today’s earlier post. 

Why do I think inclusivity and participation is so important to bring about successful social change?

Just look at the last few days.

#BlackLivesMatter stop the Toronto Pride Parade and single out the police as a group to be excluded from future parades.

The news becomes full of officer involved shootings that raise awareness of black people being shot by the police.

While tragedies.

Facts are misrepresented.

Reporting is biased.

Fact: As of the 7th July 2016 there have been 509 people shot and killed by police, in the USA, in 2016. Of these 238 were white and 123 were black. Yes, that’s correct almost double those killed were white, not black.

Last night, a rally in Dallas to show support for officer involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota ended tragically with snipers targeting the police. Five officers are dead and six others wounded.

People are dead! #Policelivesmatter

Exclusion leads to violence.

It does not lead to liberation.

It does not bring successful social change.

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