Fantasy is sometimes essential…

Sometimes reality is not very nice and fantasy is essential in terms of both helping us to understand it, but also to escape from it for a while.

Today was a rough day. So this evening I decided to dream a little.

I’ve always enjoyed travel and over the years have found that my favourite way to travel is with my own Recreational Vehicle (RV).

I camped in tents in my youth, but as an adult really need a decent bed and I like to have my own toilet!

So, over the years, I’ve owned travel trailers (large and small including the cutest Boler), and old Class C motorhomes. If you’re not sure of the difference between different types of RVs here’s a good explanation.

Travel trailers are great when you’re planning to stay in one place for a few days at a time. You set up camp, unhitch and have your vehicle for exploring the local area.

In contrast, a motorhome requires you to break camp anytime that you want to go anywhere unless you’re fit enough to bike anywhere you wish to go, or tow a vehicle behind your motorhome.

Both types have distinct advantages and disadvantages. However, my dream is a Class B motorhome.

These are smaller than a Class C. Basically, the same size as a very tall van. This means that you can park them much more easily than the bigger Class A’s or C’s. In fact, many of them can be parked in a regular car park.

The big advantage to me of travelling with an RV is that I can take both my pet dog and my service dog with me easily. I can make my own food which limits my exposures to allergy problems and I can pack up and move on as I choose.

Over the years I have now RV’d along the west coast of Canada and the USA. Across Canada from BC to PEI (Not all in one trip). Across the states to RI from northern Ontario.

Right now I don’t currently own a RV as I had to sell my little Boler to pay medical bills, for my mother, this summer. However, I can dream.

My latest dream is to own a Class B. Probably a Roadtrek. Now a brand new Roadtrek would cost more than my house so realistically if I ever do own one I’ll probably own an older one.

However, the 2017 models have just come out and it’s been fun looking at some of the new features.

I’m not alone in this dream. Vanessa is currently travelling the US in her Roadtrek 170. She blogs about it in Girl Meets Road and has a great post showing you just how spacious the Roadtreks actually are despite their small size.

There are actually more and more people who are making travel their lifestyle. Some wait until they retire before hitting the road. Others travel while younger, either with jobs that they can do from ‘home’ wherever that may be or they stay in one place for a few months at a time to earn enough money to move on again.

One of my favourite families to follow in their travels is Driving Miss Norma. Since the summer of 2015 Norma has been travelling the US with her family. At 90 years old she lost her husband and was diagnosed with cancer herself in the space of a two weeks. Rather than go through chemotherapy and all that that entails she hit the road! Her pet poodle is travelling with them too!

Right now my health and income aren’t up to travelling like this but the power of social media is such that I can follow along with people like Vanessa and Miss Norma and enjoy their travels vicariously.

In the meantime I can look at the new Roadtreks and dream while also doing my research on the older ones, just in case my health and finances once again improve to the point that I can hit the road again myself.

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