So being single in your late 40’s is an interesting experience. Living in a small community and not being the bar type of person leads you to online dating. Oh and what stories there are to tell….

There are the frauds… Usually tragically widowed, with a young child being taken care of by extended family or boarding school while the man himself is either serving in the military or as a civil engineer in far off countries. They’re coming to the end of their service and are looking to settle wherever they meet their ‘partner’.

Then there are those that are simply after ‘hookups’. The post pictures of themselves posing naked in front of mirrors with the counter just being high enough to leave some parts to the imagination. But don’t worry, as soon as you start chatting with these men you’ll be sent dick pics and videos.

The next group seems to be something that not everybody experiences. The rapid commitment and jealousy type. You’ve chatted a bit online, met in person and “wham!!” they want to commit together forever. Having had two failed marriages in very similar circumstances this group scares the **** out of me and I pull away fast. How on earth do they think they can commit when they don’t even know what I eat for breakfast?

Pseudo anthropologists make up the next group. They’ll chat with anybody about anything and use it all as grist for their mill of people observation. They hold themselves slightly apart from the people they are communicating with and really do seem to just be studying how the online community behaves.

Lastly are the unicorns. (Not the third to join an established couple) Unicorns are rare and hard to find. They’re the ones who post pictures of themselves that are actually recent. That are honest about their faults but know their strengths as well. That actually do want a relationship in the real world. Unfortunately many unicorns live far away and make dating an impossibility. If you can find one local to you, and that you are both attracted to each other, be aware that this is a remote possibility and protect it.

Lastly, be clear about what you want. If you just want casual say that. If you’re looking for something permanent say so. Don’t pull the old bait and switch where you start a conversation within one set of rules and then change the rules along the way.

Finally, as the quote says. “I’m not waiting for a hero. I saved myself long ago. I don’t want someone to complete me. I am whole on my own. I just want a weirdo to go on adventures with. Someone who will dance with me, kiss me when I least expect it and make me laugh. That’s it.”

So if any of my friends out there know of a weirdo who loves dogs, hates citrus and most fruits and hopefully lives within an hour of Sault Ste. Marie that you think would fit my request… send them my way. As internet dating is for the birds.

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