I know that I live in Canada, but I’m sick of the snow…. but thankful for Epi Pen cases.

I’m so tired of the snow. Most of winter didn’t bother me this year as I was too sick to be able to get out anyway. However, that I’m now feeling relatively better I really want to be able to get out and walk a little. Even to use the snowshoes that I bought in the sale at the end of last season.

As long as I’m careful the outdoors is one of the safest places for me as allergens get dispersed quickly and people are less likely to be wearing scents out walking. So it’s relatively safe, at least until hay-fever season starts anyway!

Now that March is here the snow is starting to get me down. It wasn’t so bad when it was just here, and the roads had been cleared, but we’ve had a number of thaws and refreezes in the last couple of weeks, followed by new snow dumps. This makes it tough to drive and even more tough to get out and walk safely.

I start respiratory rehab next week and will be walking inside under close supervision and precautions for my allergies. I now have two Epi Clips which are the best invention ever. Using an Epi Clip I don’t have to carry big bulky anaphlyaxis kits, I can clip my pens to my waistband and put my inhalers in my pocket while I walk.

Before the clips the best that I could do were the Epi Pen waist bags but they take a little longer to open and get the pen out in an emergency and I don’t have a lot of time these days.

For home use, I have Epi Pens on my fridge in a magnet case.

I also have two full cases for complete anaphylaxis treatment which each contain two Epi Pens, inhalers, liquid Benadryl, and tablet antihistamines too. The first is a Trio pouch that is always in my purse (handbag). Mine is bright red so that it is easy to spot; the second is an Anaphylaxis Emergency Response Case (AER Case) which is insulated to keep the contents cool. This in combination with Kool blankets and similar cooling aids help to keep my Epi Pens cool enough when I’m traveling and staying in warmer places.

May I soon need them again!!

As I can’t travel very far at all right now, I can’t go away to avoid the snow and get a short break from it as I usually would around this time of year (Reading Week or March Break).

Therefore, would who ever is praying for snow – please just stop!!