Intriguing gift

Just after Christmas I received a letter stating that a long lost relative had died and that more information about them would be coming soon. At first glance it seemed little more than the typical email hoax where thieves are trying to get your bank information in order to defraud you. However, on reflection, I realised that the letter never once asked me for any information. It was beautifully written and very official. Newspaper clippings accompanied the letter.

As it turns out a good friend of mine had signed me up to the Mysterious Package Company. So that I don’t spoil the suprise for anybody else I’ll not tell you how the rest of the story unfolded. Suffice it to say that the company sets up a mystery with artifacts, letters and objects all designed to engage you in the story.

For somebody who is mostly limited to home, it was a perfect gift!

Everything looks and feels authentic and as ‘the game’ is spread out over a few weeks it keeps you engaged and intrigued throughout.

So for my friend who signed me up – thank you! That was one of the most interesting gifts that I have ever received.

For his wife who ‘warned’ me to expect something by mail – thank you! The state I was in at the time I’d have gone round in circles trying to work it out rather than enjoying the ‘game’ without the proverbial ‘heads-up!’.

As for anybody looking for different gift ideas – have a look at this one! It’s fun for you to receive and I suspect to be the giver too as you watch on and see the story unfold.

A great idea and wonderfully executed!