Bucket List – Items #1-20

So it’s been a little while since I last looked at my bucket list but I’m delighted to say that I am getting closer to accomplishing some of the items on my list. As it last stood, just over a Continue reading Bucket List – Items #1-20

Updated Bucket List – Items #1-18

Last time I reviewed my new Bucket List I had 17 items and little progress towards any of them. However, I’m now delighted to report that I can cross off one item and have made significant progress towards three others: Continue reading Updated Bucket List – Items #1-18

Left brain vs right brain

A very good friend recently sent me a gift package to help cheer me up in my isolation. Having heard me complain about getting pretty bored with Netflix she very kindly, and thoughtfully, took the time to send me something Continue reading Left brain vs right brain