Apparently you don’t grow out of some childhood infections…

I saw my GP today and I must give her all credit. She didn’t groan when she saw my two page printed document. One page was a list of symptoms, the second a few questions with related comments about things that just aren’t making sense for me.

She read it through. Discussed it with me. Understood that I’m at a point where I need things ruling out for my own peace of mind and made a number of referrals and changes to my medications as a result.

To be honest, the thought of starting another round of specialist referrals is somewhat daunting. Especially, as the last round just gave me several new diagnoses but nothing that definitively was diagnosed as the cause of my current poor health. However, I’m also not yet willing to accept life as a ‘shut-in’ in my mid 40’s.

The irony though was that in the midst of all the issues I knew about I’d completely missed the fact that somehow I’ve managed to perforate my eardrum! Given that I don’t go anywhere but medical appointments and the occasional grocery store trip about every 4-6 weeks in very careful circumstances this is pretty impressive.

I also have fluid pockets on my eardrum. So the chances are that I have a middle-ear infection of some kind. A referral to an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) specialist has been added to my list!

Growing up with hearing issues I had multiple ear infections as a child. I had surgery to have grommits/tubes fitted multiple times, though as I recall on those occasions they usually got me in surgery to find that I didn’t need them fitted after all!

I thought that I had grown out of this!

In fact to be honest I didn’t really think it was possible to get this kind of infection at my age.

Perforated ear drums in adults are usually due to trauma or pressure related activities such as scuba diving.

I’m meticulous about taking care of my ears. I keep my hearing aids clean and haven’t actually been wearing them very often as I’m home alone. So I’m not quite sure where I managed to get an infection. Hopefully the ENT specialist will soon be able to shed some light on this.

However, it does explain a few of that long list of symptoms I presented my GP with though, which is good news.

The really ‘funny’ part is that my pain levels are so high that I hadn’t even picked out the earache as a specific symptom. It was just part of a long list!

Now of course, I can describe it in the tiniest of details!

So now I know. You can get middle ear infections as an adult. You don’t grow out it.

Or apparently, I didn’t at least!

One thought on “Apparently you don’t grow out of some childhood infections…”

  1. I can certainly understand that one! I was riddled with Ear Infections since I was a child and my mother was told that I would grow out of them … It just never happened. They refer to it as swimmer’s ear even though I don’t swim, whenever the weather changes that when I have to take better care of myself. Hang in there sweetie … this has to be your rock bottom … you can only move upwards. hugs

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