About the author

All my life I’ve dreamed of being a successful author. Ironically enough I have published two books and over a hundred academic articles and yet I’ve procrastinated for years at turning my hand to my dream.

Well today (July 2016), I decided to procrastinate no longer. I’ll never know if I can be a successful author if I don’t try.

So here is where I’m going to start putting it out there. I’ll be taking the advice given to many aspiring authors and I’ll write about what I know.

I’m an academic.

I work in health services research.

I’m an adoptive parent.

I’ve been married and divorced twice.

I have a complicated family with nieces and nephews and step children that are my family even though the legal relationships that initiated the relationships haven’t survived the test of time.

I have a number of chronic diseases, some of which are very rare and consequently I belong to that group of people known as those with “invisible disabilities”.

I’m deaf.

I use a service dog; which I train myself, with the help of experts.

I have been fortunate enough to have traveled the world and still travel as much as I can.

I have lived more in my life to date than many people do in many lifetimes.

There’s a lot for me to write about and that’s not even considering all the thousands of fiction ideas running round my head constantly.

If you’ve read this far – welcome!

I hope that you enjoy the ride!