#1 Lesson to learn from crime dramas…. don’t bother cleaning!

I’ve been watching a lot of TV recently. I’ve now worked my way through the entire series of Grey’s Anatomy, Psych, Star Trek (all series), The Crossing, Prison Break and several others.

In fact anything centred on crime, especially with a psychological perspective and I can pretty much guarantee that I’ve seen it.

Netflix is definitely a lifesaver for those us that are housebound.

As a result I have decided that there are a number of lessons everybody can learn from these shows.

The most important of them being that cleaning your house is a waste of time!

Which as somebody who’s seemingly random attention to cleaning drives other people nuts I find very satisfying.


It turns out that it’s important that every inch under your bed is full of stuff.

That way, nobody can hide there!

You would not believe the number of times the ‘bad’ man is hiding under the bed. If your bed has space underneath it – check it now!

They can hide there for days apparently!

Also, a thin layer of dust makes it much easier for forensic scientists to see where others have touched and to get a good set of fingerprints!

If a crime does occur in your home, you really don’t need to be worried about how messy it is. Your entire home will be covered in fingerprint dust afterwards anyway. Every cupboard, drawer and container searched and every secret you thought you had found. So if you don’t want the contents of your toy drawer to be photographed and seen by the local police department, just don’t have one. because they always seem to be essential evidence somehow!

If your house is clean and neat you will be judged. Not in a good way.

If it’s messy all you need to be able to do is confirm that it’s different from how you left it! So for those of us with ADCD that’s a win!


As for those of us with dogs, they’re the #1 deterrent against crime. Apparently, any home with dogs are much less likely to be broken into by all types of criminals. So let them bark, and if all else fails, that dog hair you left everywhere will transfer to the criminal and help prove that they were in your home!

Further, just in case I needed any more reasons not to be obsessive about cleaning, this quote from Phyllis Diller came up in my Facebook news feed…  “Housework can’t kill you, but why take the chance?” 


Actually right now, housework could kill me as I have to be very careful not to expose myself to scents, dust etc.

So the dogs and I are happily covered in dog hair and resting comfortably in the knowledge that under my bed is full of stuff so that nobody can hide there, my pet dog will bark if somebody tried to break in, and if somebody did commit a crime in my home their fingerprints will be found easily in the dust and the dog hair will convict them in a heartbeat!

For those who are now concerned – I do actually damp dust with just water, and sweep up the dog hair but I’m no longer worrying about my house not being perfect. I’m just doing the police a favour and helping them out, just in case there is ever a crime in my home!

It’s all about how you look at things!



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  1. lol love it! Actually I read online there was a motel and one of the rooms had a funny smell to it. No matter how much the cleaning staff clean they couldn’t get rid of the smell and it was just something about that room that bothered them. Turns out there was a dead body under the bed and it was there for 5 years! Yup always check under the bed!

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